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Podcasts: Five Reasons To Have Them Transcribed

Having your podcasts transcribed and also releasing the text material on your website might seem unintuitive in the beginning, yet it has numerous benefits and also is worth thinking about. Reading vs Listening Reading is a much faster process than paying attention. Much of your site visitors would certainly wish to promptly scan via the transcript rather than paying attention to it. Some of these site visitors might even end up as subscribers for your podcast. This goes with your routine listeners also. Sometimes they just may just want to check the podcast promptly before choosing to pay attention to it. Social Network Sharing Having the complete message of the podcast online makes it much easier for people to share it through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ as well as the myriad of social media sites websites which are there nowadays. Your audiences can estimate a part of the message or highlight a specific section which they wish to highlight and share it with their very own circle. Gre